Review: The United Shades of America

While scrolling through Hulu, I became acquainted with a new show that has always seemed to miss my line of vision. It's called: The United Shades of America. It is a documentary series following comedian, W. Kamau Bell as he travels around America to learn about the different cultural groups this country houses. It airs... Continue Reading →


Trump Needs to Work on his Responses

When it came to what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia, when the Neo-Nazis and white supremacists ran over crowds of protesters, Trump's initial reaction was to blame both sides. In his own words he expressed that, "You had a group on one side that was bad. You had a group on the other side that was... Continue Reading →

Culturally Acceptable Slurs

Terms like 'Oreo' and 'jungle fever' get passed along like a joke. A person of color talks 'white', so they are an Oreo. A white individual falls for a person of color, so they must have 'jungle fever.' Race structures a lot more than physical features in society. It controls the way we also categorize... Continue Reading →

for better or for worse?

Older generations always gawk when they are confronted with the co-cultural differences following the generations for millennials (1987-1997) and the centennials (1997-2007). "Kids in my day could never go to school dressed like that," an Uber driver shared while dropping me off to campus, "not without their mama getting on them." It's almost stifling how... Continue Reading →

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