for better or for worse?

Older generations always gawk when they are confronted with the co-cultural differences following the generations for millennials (1987-1997) and the centennials (1997-2007).

“Kids in my day could never go to school dressed like that,” an Uber driver shared while dropping me off to campus, “not without their mama getting on them.”

It’s almost stifling how much this country has changed in such a short period of time. The interesting factors are what brought about this dramatic change, and was it for the better or for the worse?

It depends on the angle you approach this from. Take the Civil Rights Movement for example; that obviously was for the better. But then take a look at what the youngsters now call “the hookup age”, where sex is more like a workout activity, rather than an intimate gesture towards love. That’s when the line between better or worse, becomes blurred.

Sex has been degraded to a exercise. Dating has been resorted to an app. Capitalism in the media could very well be behind this phenomenon. Sex sells. Its significance fades the more it is pumped for its tremendous effects in the marketplace. Music, movies, the media in general LOVES sex.

Now, also take into mind that this country is a masculine, low-context culture. Individuals are rewarded in society for being independent and competitive. Low-context cultures are direct and explicit when it comes to communication. People find more importance in furthering their education and making it on top in their craft/field. They are also more direct with what they want, and go for it. Romance is more of an accessory, rather than a necessity.

People have their own personal slogans: “it’s about what you can do for me.” Capitalism has turned us into our own business, with sex being a form of transaction.




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