can the digital age save us?

In this enlightened era, the excuses for being ignorant draw thinner and thinner. After the Information Age, aka the Digital Age or New Media Age, technology has shifted the dynamics towards sustainability. It has also given pathways to sharpen the understanding of the diverse populations intermingling among each other. With this being said, racially charged comments have zero weight to stand on. The outlook subliminally installed in the minds of the people, has spread like a contagious disease. It has expanded like a wildfire. Though several units remain conscientious, others continue to pollute the air.

Media has served as a hero and a villain in this case.

Ethnic roles aren’t in demand in mainstream television; nor is anyone jumping up and down to hand off the lead to a person of color. The familiar reaction is to sweep it under the rug. The pink elephant needs to be addressed. This country is obsessed with eurocentric style. The lighter, the better. Darker means ugly. Kinkier hair, means unmanageable. It’s a toxic software that has been programmed in every mind since grade school. Not everyone feeds into it; yet, a good population, including those of color, find it difficult to delete off their server everyday.


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