💫How to Center Your Soul💫

Life can be a whirlwind, leaving our emotions scrambled all over the place. It would be easier to vacuum the mess, if we first even understood what the mess was. There are times, when we for ourselves may not understand our own emotions. It may feel like a blob of something, blended with an emotional mixture of confusion. I find this to happen when my soul is drained. Mentally, I can no longer even process how I am feeling about everything going on around me. It becomes a large ball of stress that hovers over my head like a thunderous cloud. I know you’ve gone through this, at least once in your life. 

~~~~I find that the best remedy, is to center your soul.~~~~

In other words, meditate and inquire to the Universe. To some, this is translated as prayer and reflection. And to others, it is a quiet time perhaps, also spent with journaling. It is a fluid action that can be determined by that individual. Taking time to delve into our inner consciousness, is a vital way to dissect our hidden thoughts and feelings. Once we can trace the source to what is spewing out a certain emotion, we can thus provide an answer to why we feel the way we do in the first place.

Getting tangled up in a web of feelings is normal. Emotions can overwhelm us, especially when we have a lot going on in life. Yet, we can not allow our emotions to get the better of us. Emotional Intelligence is being aware and in control of how we express our emotions. This is an important attribute to gaining self awareness  and inner peace.

~~~~Inner peace leads to Nirvana. ~~~~


However you decide to live your life, it is best to keep in mind that by organizing one’s emotions, you are already giving yourself an advantage. See, when we allow ourselves to get sucked in by our emotions, we are allowing our emotions to have power over us. As a result, we can become more susceptible to allowing our emotions to control our behavior. This can cause trouble, outputting bad consequences that gradually begin to add stress to our life.

By learning to understand the cause to how we feel within, we can provide answers on how to control it. By controlling it, we are thus gaining the power of our own feelings and life.

~~~~The Captain steers the Ship, not the  other way around.~~~~

It is easy to come prey to the powerful wave of emotions that can overtake us mentally. Some emotions blinds us, causing us to behave irrationally without even realizing it. Yet, that is why it is crucial to gain knowledge of our ownselves psychologically. Once we understand the inner workings of our minds, we can thus understand ourselves just a little bit better.







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