Step Back

Its funny, when you step back--how you see the whole picture. You see beyond the cloud of smoke obstructing the way, and past the fog blinding your view. The whole, grandiose picture seems overwhelming and hard to chew. When up close, only one part was in focus, but at a distance everything comes together. Like... Continue Reading →


love is….

It's not what can you do for me---but rather what can I do for you. How can I keep us happy. How can I sustain this relationship so both of us can be a strong unit. For if I watch over your back, and you mine, then all our needs will be met. Love is... Continue Reading →

Their friendship is temporary, like the seasons Their love may be genuine, but their motive selfish It is all conjured by their loneliest reasons Fueled by the sorrow that cuddles with them at night Panged by the jealously that won't answer their wish To have someone, like everyone else, to make them feel right Fishing... Continue Reading →

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